Electrostatic and Airless Chemical Sprayers

Hospital-Grade Air Purification

Hospital-Grade Chemical Disinfectants

Fewer chemicals, faster application

Use 65% less solution and speed sanitization time by up to 70%

Sanitizer bonds to surfaces

Patented electrostatic technology wraps conductive surfaces with sanitizing chemicals

Perfect for any space

Schools, Police Stations, gyms, hotels, restaurants, stores or any other place that needs cleaning

Invest in the health and safety of your community

Using an Electrostatic Sprayer

Touchless application

No need to wipe down surfaces

Cost-effective sanitization

Reduce cross-contamination and eliminate bacteria

Easy to operate

Portable, lightweight and cordless

Versatile performance

Works with a wide range of chemical solutions

Common Applications

Fitness Centers

Give your customers the safe, sanitized environment they need to reach their fitness goals.​


Achieve peace of mind for you and your clientele.


Provide guests a safe and sanitized dining experience.

Schools & Daycare

Protect students and teachers with a cost-effective school sanitization solution.


Easy, cost-effective office sanitization solutions put your employees back to work.

Medical Clinics

Keep patients and their families safe with better sanitization solutions.

Controlled chemical application makes sanitization easy