Getting the most out of your sanitization technology

Our lineup of innovative sprayers and disinfecting chemicals represent the perfect sanitization solution for a wide range of applications. By giving chemical ions a positive charge, our sprayers reduce cleaning time and create a safe environment for employees and customers.

Electrostatic technology saves time and money

Electrostatic technology wraps hard, non-porous surfaces in disinfecting chemicals, with the sanitizing molecules actually bonding directly with the surface. This means that you can quickly sanitize not only tables, counters and desks, but also more complicated, non-flat surfaces like gym equipment, classroom materials and more without having to physically wipe down every surface. Sprayers are easy to operate, reducing training time, and the portable design allows you to move through spaces freely and quickly.

Benefits of a chemical sprayer:

  • Cost effective and easy to implement
  • Limits cross-contamination
  • Cordless design for fast, easy sanitization
  • No need to physically wipe surfaces
  • Eco-friendly approach uses 65% fewer chemicals

Electrostatic sprayers and sanitizing chemicals are perfect for use in:

Want a better, faster way to sanitize a wide variety of surfaces?

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Innovative Sanitization Products​

  • Electrostatic Sprayers

    Victory Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer (VP200ESK)

  • Disinfectants

    64 Millennium Q – 2 Liter

  • Disinfectants

    64 Millennium Q – 1 Gallon

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    Electrostatic Sprayers

    Victory Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer (VP300ES)