Coming together once again: Preventing health risks in entertainment venues

Empty hockey rink

Hundreds, even thousands of people. Endless chairs, tables, countertops and kiosks. More restrooms than you can shake a stick at. If there’s a monumental challenge to effective sanitization, it’s entertainment venues and the health risks they pose.

From movie theaters and auditoriums to sports arenas and convention centers, these facilities are some of the largest and most complex to keep clean. Meanwhile, the health risks can be extreme. Visualizing a sold-out theater on opening night for the year’s most anticipated film, it’s daunting to even begin thinking about safety.

Take away the element of scale, though, and the needs for sanitizing entertainment venues are the same as any other indoor, public space. Speed of application, affordability of supplies, and above all safety are the key metrics by which effectiveness is measured.

What it takes to please the crowd

Depending on the venue, the surfaces and equipment that need disinfection will vary. To prevent health risks, most facilities will need to regularly sanitize:

  • A large inventory of guest-accessible seating and/or tables
  • Counters, for ticket taking or concierge
  • Food-contact surfaces
  • Signs, posted maps and information kiosks
  • High-touch surfaces including:
    • Railings
    • Door handles and push-bars
    • Restrooms
    • Bar stools and counter tops
    • Stanchions and fencing
    • Elevator panels
    • Exhibits and displays

Unfortunately, many common sanitizing solutions are ill-suited to the size of this challenge. For example, wiping everything down by hand is prohibitively time consuming and comes with a high cross-contamination risk for both patrons and staff. On the other hand, chemical foggers can be deployed with minimal staff hours, but they often require outside specialists and can take hours to run. Meanwhile, the affected space is inaccessible for tasks like equipment breakdown or setup.

The ideal solution needs to be fast. It also needs to be easy and safe for in-house staff to use. Finally, it should work on a variety of surfaces, cleaning stadium seats just as effectively as bar counters and door handles. When all these requirements are considered, the top choice for sanitization becomes readily apparent: electrostatic sprayers.

Electrostatic sprayers: Entertaining the possibilities

EnviroPro Solutions electrostatic sprayers, have several distinct advantages for entertainment venues.

First, they’re lightweight and portable. The Victory electrostatic backpack sprayer, for example, weighs less than 30 pounds full, and can cover 23,000 square feet in a single run. Many mid-sized venues can sanitize their entire facility in just one or two fills.

Second, anyone can operate them. Whether your venue has a professional cleaning staff or you’re training your greeters on sanitizing in between shows, electrostatic sprayers are safe and effective. Simply fill the tank according to instructions on the chemical’s label, spray and walk away. The positive electrical charge the sprayer imparts to the atomized particles means the chemicals coat surfaces evenly and adhere more securely.

Third, they save money. With electrostatic technology, cleaning chemical usage is reduced by 65% over conventional sprayers. Most movie theaters, concert venues and similar enterprises operate on slim margins. Fewer chemicals can have a major financial impact over time. What’s more, that reduction in chemicals means less air pollution, keeping everyone safer.

Raising the curtain on a new era

In a post COVID-19 world, the importance of proper sanitization won’t soon be forgotten. It’s the responsibility of every business to ensure the safety of those that walk through their doors.

At the same time, people are clamoring for a good time. After months of restrictions and lockdowns, entertainment venues will be some of the first facilities tested by crowds. For a grand re-opening to be truly successful, any question about sanitizing procedures needs to be answered ahead of time.

EnviroPro solutions is ready to help you find those answers. Check out our shop to browse for products, such as the Victory handheld electrostatic sprayer. And feel free to get in touch any time.