Comparing cleaners: Urine Trouble vs Angry Orange vs Nature’s Miracle

Researching urine stain removal

When you’re trying to choose the best urine, stain and odor remover, a fair comparison can be tough to come by. We want your decision to be well informed. That’s why we’ve put together a head-to-head look at three of the top products on the market: UrineTrouble vs Angry Orange vs Nature’s Miracle.

Understanding oxidizers vs. enzymes

At its core, the choice between UrineTrouble, Angry Orange and Nature’s Miracle is a choice between oxidizers and enzymes.

Both Angry Orange and Nature’s Miracle are enzyme-based. On the other hand, UrineTrouble uses the oxidizing agent hydrogen peroxide to eliminate odors and stains.

But what exactly are oxidizers and enzymes?

Oxidizers, or oxidizing agents, are substances that take electrons from other substances, causing those other substances to break down. Common oxidizers in household cleaning include hydrogen peroxide, good for stopping bacteria and breaking down undesirable compounds, and sodium hypochlorite, better known as bleach.

Enzymes are substances that act as biological catalysts. They control the speed of chemical reactions. In order to use enzymes in a cleaning context, non-pathogenic bacteria are suspended in solution. Once sprayed, these microorganisms excrete enzymes that break down the different substances you’re trying to clean up.

Both of these cleaning elements:

  • Effectively break down odor-causing compounds in urine and other biological messes.
  • Are naturally occurring.
  • Are completely biodegradable.

Looking past these similarities, though, there are some key differences to keep in mind between the two.

UrineTrouble vs Angry Orange vs Nature’s Miracle: Which is best for stain removal?

As mentioned above, enzymes and oxidizers both do pretty well with removing odors. But what about the spots those smelly messes leave behind?

When it comes to removing old urine stains and other lingering, unsightly organic marks, you’re best served by an oxidizing cleaner like UrineTrouble. The hydrogen peroxide in UrineTrouble is unmatched in its ability to break down a broad range of organic compounds through electron removal. Pet urinefoodwine and even blood stains are all erased with no back-breaking labor on the user’s part.

Enzyme-based cleaners, on the other hand, often struggle with certain types of stains, depending on their formulation. This is largely because different types of stains require different types of bacteria producing different enzymes (protases, lipases, etc.) to be broken down. In other words, it’s difficult to create a formula with all the different enzymes needed to tackle every single type of organic stain.

pet stain

Label transparency

The other big difference between these three brands is label transparency. Essentially, knowing what you’re getting when you buy the bottle.

With both Angry Orange and Nature’s Miracle, there’s no clear list of the types of bacteria included in their formulas and the specific enzymes they produce.

Angry Orange emphasizes the use of “oil found in orange peels” on their frequently asked questions page. But such oils are not a source of enzymes. It’s more likely that they’re being used for their strong citrus scent.

Nature’s Miracle says they have a “bacteria-based formula” on their Stain & Odor Remover product page. Once again, no specifics on the bacteria or enzymes employed.

This lack of detail can be concerning for pet and home owners who like to know exactly what they’re spraying onto their floors and furniture.

UrineTrouble’s formulation is clearly labeled as a 2-4% hydrogen peroxide solution. No mystery bacteria and no unidentified oils with unexplained applications. Just a single, naturally occurring, biodegradable oxidizing agent. You can check the product page and see for yourself.

Whatever you choose, you deserve the full picture

Whether you choose UrineTrouble, Angry Orange, Nature’s Miracle or any other pet stain and odor removal product, you deserve to have all the facts made easily accessible. That’s why we make clear and transparent communication a top priority.

You can reach out to us at EnviroPro Solutions anytime by phone at (763) 296-4449 or by email at [email protected]. Whether your questions are about formula, effectiveness or new products on the horizon, we’re always glad to help you find the answers you’re looking for.