COVID safety in schools: Reassuring parents their children are safe and classrooms are sanitized


It’s back-to-school season and that means teachers, parents and students are getting back into the routine of another academic year. But this year the routine may be slightly different. Many schools across the country are experimenting with distance learning, hybrid approaches and adjustments to in-person learning. All to better practice COVID safety in schools.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to get all students back in the classroom. But to do that, you need to have proper school sanitization solutions in place. You also need to convince parents you are prepared to keep their children safe. Here are some strategies to put parents’ minds at ease and get students’ minds back to work.

Transparency is critical

In the age of COVID-19, transparency should be the guiding principle for all communication strategies. Parents want clear, reliable information they can trust. So, at the start of the year, share your risk mitigation plans with the entire school community.

This includes anything pertaining to social distancing, cleaning school spaces, wearing masks, distance learning, etc. If you don’t yet have all the answers, that’s OK. Share what you have and be upfront about how you’ll make decisions in the future. You should also share any information you’re providing to teachers and other staff. Parents want to know how staff are being trained to keep their kids safe.

Keep parents up-to-date

Obviously, the start of the school year will be the most important time for communication. But to really put minds at ease, you will need to provide updates on a regular basis throughout the year.

Consider a weekly email update. It should include information about changes to school policy, changes in the community at large, reported cases within the school (while protecting student privacy) and updates on long-term plans. Show that you are on top of the situation and actively working to respond quickly to changing conditions. This will give parents greater confidence that their students are safe. You can also share links to community resources, as a way to show parents that you want to do everything you can to ensure student and staff safety.

School sanitization solutions

Communication strategies are one thing. But for comprehensive COVID safety in schools, you need a robust sanitization solution. One that can clean your school in a timely and cost-effective manner. Consider an electrostatic sprayer. They make it easy for cleaning staff and even teachers to disinfect and sanitize surfaces quickly and effectively. Sprayers from EnviroPro Solutions are lightweight and easy to operate, making them the perfect solution for cleaning large areas quickly.

Because the effective sanitization time is only three to 10 minutes, you can easily sanitize rooms in between classes or over the lunch period. Also, the unique electrostatic technology means that sanitizing chemicals actually bond to the surface of everything they touch. That means that even oddly shaped classroom materials can be effectively sanitized without having to wipe down every nook and cranny.

To get students back in the classroom, you need policies that ensure student safety. You also need to communicate those policies clearly to all members of your school community. By taking a comprehensive approach to school sanitization and employing the best technology to get it done, you can mitigate risk for your students, staff and their families while helping things get back to normal a little faster.

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