How to choose a sprayer: 6 factors to consider

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Investing in a high-quality sanitizing sprayer will make the difference in any sanitizing routine. However, with so many different models on the market, how to choose a sprayer becomes a bit trickier. What makes one piece of disinfectant equipment better suited than another?

The decision can’t be based on a single criterion. Different operations have different sanitizing needs, and those needs are determined by a range of factors, including:

  • Nature of the space: How large is it? Does a single room need sanitizing or a large complex? How many surfaces are there and how easy is it to move around?
  • Staff availability: What type of staff will be tasked with sanitizing? Will it be the responsibility of a dedicated janitorial team, an additional assigned duty or up to each individual?
  • Public access: Do members of the public use the space? Do they have access to everything, or just a few limited surfaces?
  • Downtime: Do operations allow for a consistent, predictable downtime, or are there people moving around 24/7?
  • Storage and access: How much space do you have to store your chemicals and equipment? Does it need to be constantly accessible?
  • Budget: What can you reasonably budget for the initial investment? What strategies may help you save money?

This blog will break down these criteria, to help make it easy to choose the sprayer that’s right for your enterprise.

7 Models Offered by EnviroPro Solutions

The seven electrostatic and high-pressure airless sprayers listed below represent the full spectrum of advanced sprayer solutions. To illustrate how different features suit different circumstances, these models will be used as reference. From top to bottom, they’ve been arranged from the lightest carry weight to the heaviest.

Model NameTechnologyCapacityPrice
Victory VP200ES HandheldElectrostatic33.8 ounces / 2,800 sq. ft. per fill$699.99
Graco SaniSpray HP 20 HandheldElectrostatic / Airless42 ounces$1,485
Victory VP300ES BackpackElectrostatic2.25 gallons / 23,000 sq. ft. per fill$1,749
Graco SaniSpray HP 20 ProPack 3-in-1Electrostatic / Airless3 gallons (42-ounce reservoir + 2.5-gallon backpack tank)$1,597.50
SaniSpray HP 130 AirlessAirlessVariable, depends on chemical container$3,276
SaniSpray HP 750 Airless, 240V, 4 GunsAirless10 gallons$21,000
SaniSpray HP 750 Airless, 240V, 8 GunsAirless10 gallons$24,000

Nature of the Space

Generally speaking, larger spaces benefit from larger sprayers. The high-capacity reservoirs and tanks will reduce the amount of time spent re-mixing and re-filling with cleaning chemicals. The largest machines, such as the SaniSpray HP 750 Airless sprayers, even have multiple hoses and sprayer guns, allowing a team of people to take care of very large spaces faster.

However, another aspect of space to consider is complexity. Consider a school with classrooms full of furniture and outdoor playground equipment surrounded by uneven terrain. While such a space is certainly large, the complexity may make the highest-capacity cart-based systems cumbersome. A backpack model, such as the Victory VP300ES Backpack or the Graco SaniSpray HP 20 ProPack 3-in-1 may ultimately prove more efficient.

Staff Availability

Depending on who’s doing the sanitizing, some models will be less viable. A dedicated janitorial staff is better suited to more complex systems, such as the Graco HP 130 and HP 750 Airless sprayers. These sprayers have additional settings and trouble-shooting steps, due to the impressively high pressure they produce.

Sanitizing may also be assigned to staff in addition to their normal duties, say a front desk attendant responsible for sanitizing a lobby several times a day. Any model could suit this scenario, depending on the other factors at play. The nature of the space, storage and time available will be especially applicable.

If sanitizing will fall on each staff member to manage their own space, say classroom teachers or fitness instructors, choose a sprayer that is smaller and simpler. The Victory VP200ES Handheld is one of the easiest models to operate on the market, and it takes up very little space. Virtually any staff member can operate this device quickly and easily, with minimal need for troubleshooting.

Public Access

If members of the public are moving through a space regularly, then sanitization needs to happen more frequently. Protecting the public is a big responsibility, made more difficult by the fact that members of the public are hard to predict in terms of exposure risk.

Typically, the more portable the sprayer, the easier it is to disinfect frequently. Both handheld and backpack models may be suitable. Or, to get the best of both worlds, the Graco SaniSpray HP 20 ProPack 3-in-1 can be used in either configuration.

Another priority to consider is electrostatic technology. With the heightened risk of contagions the public presents, electrostatic sprayers give extra assurances of complete sanitization. The technology allows particles to wrap around complex surfaces, ensuring nothing is left untreated. All Victory sprayers are electrostatic, as well as the Graco SaniSpray HP 20 models.


Predictable stretches of downtime, such as in between shows or after school lets out, are when larger machines can do their best work. As already established, larger machines with multiple sprayers make fast work of even the most expansive facilities. But they take up more space, meaning they’re much easier to operate when a facility is closed and empty. For example, after a basketball game is done, the SaniSpray HP 750 Airless sprayer with 8 spray guns can allow a group to sanitize the emptied arena fast, all from a single staging area.

For spaces with short, unpredictable or no downtime, smaller sprayers that can be prepped and filled in advance and deployed at a moment’s notice are ideal. They let staff easily seize the moment, whenever it comes.

Storage and Access

If you have a large janitorial storage area and only need to grant a dedicated team access to it, then a large sprayer will present no issues. However, if you want many people to have access, or if you only have a small amount of storage space available, then handheld or backpack models will be more viable.

The Victory VP200ES Handheld takes up the smallest amount of space of all models offered by EnviroPro Solutions. It also comes with a carrying case, making it discreet even when stored on a desk or open shelf.


Finally, the ever-present budget concerns will play a factor in any sprayer choice. When considering budget, though, it’s important to think about the long term as well as the up-front.

When it comes to saving money on cleaning chemicals over time, electrostatic sprayers can’t be beat. Victory electrostatic sprayers, for example, use an incredible 65% fewer chemicals over other sprayer technologies.

Another consideration is time saved. While any advanced sprayer can drastically reduce time spent on sanitization, Graco airless sprayers are especially efficient in large spaces. Their airless technology uses impressively high pressure when spraying. That high pressure produces finer particles that travel farther, making quick work of even the largest stadiums, concert venues and more.

When considering budget, look at what you currently spend in personnel hours and re-stocking cleaning chemicals. Considering the savings over time can help you make the right decision.

Getting Expert Insight

If determining how to choose a sprayer still seems daunting, you’re not out of luck yet. EnviroPro Solutions knows that choosing the right sanitizer spray machine isn’t always easy. Every operation is unique, and every facility presents its own challenges. To talk through your choice with an expert, give us a call at 763-296-4449 or email us at [email protected].