Rushed reopening? 5 ways you may be wasting time and money


The hardships of business shutdowns are potent. From layoffs to lost income, their toll on livelihoods and bottom lines has been a defining feature of COVID-19. Many operations rushed reopening as soon as restrictions were lifted. Unfortunately, that speediness has meant many businesses never had the chance to streamline their safety and sanitizing practices.

As COVID-19 continues into its second year, it’s not too late to look into ways to improve. Here are five tips for being cost-effective and efficient in your safety strategies.

1. Invest in better equipment

There are many sanitizing options on the market. Choosing the right one for your business is key to optimizing your process.

In the beginning, many businesses went with whatever they could most easily get their hands on. This often meant simple disinfecting wipes or spray bottles. As time has passed, though, the high cost of constant re-stocking has become hard to ignore. Not to mention the amount of time these processes require.

To save money and operate more efficiently, consider investing in more advanced technology. Victory electrostatic handheld and backpack sprayers, for example, allow you to use 65% fewer chemicals while reducing time spent sanitizing by up to 70%. These savings mean an excellent ROI over time.

2. Reevaluate your layout

Reopening has been rife with new restrictions, such as six feet of social distancing and barriers between workstations. If you simply threw together the first layout that met minimum reopening requirements, you may be making your work harder than it has to be.

Turn a critical eye to what truly needs to be in use. Tables, chairs, electronics — even entire rooms that are non-essential — are better left locked away for the time being. Keeping only essentials in play will minimize both health risks and cleaning workload.

3. Consider downsizing

One of the most surprising revelations of the pandemic? Businesses have been realizing they might not need the amount of space they currently pay for. A combination of rapidly improved work-from-home solutions and growing customer appetite for online ordering means many operations can easily justify downsizing.

Not only does a reduction in physical footprint save on rent and utilities, it makes sanitizing much easier. When considering new locations, look for facilities with excellent air-flow. Improving ventilation is one of the EPA’s top recommendations for staying safe.

4. Improve your supply chain

Keeping your sanitizing supplies well-stocked is vital to uninterrupted, effective disinfection. However, it’s often a logistical hassle. Stores have been suffering frequent shortages, meaning someone has to waste business hours finding alternative sources for cleaning supplies.

Cut out supply chain headaches entirely by using a chemical subscription service. EnviroPro solutions offers a subscription that delivers the chemicals you need, where and when you need them. No more hours spent hunting for a supplier.

5. Plan ahead

Finally, as the possibility of additional shutdowns looms, take the time to plan ahead. Not creating a clear plan means endless little expenses and inefficiencies that add-up over time. Consider:

  • Establishing a clear schedule for intended reopening. Share it with your customers and clients via e-mail or social media. Also, post physical copies in your place of business. As changes are made, keep stakeholders promptly informed. Not only does this pre-empt frustration, it means your business can get back up to speed faster when restrictions are lifted.
  • Look for technology solutions to keep operations running smoothly. From developing online ordering for your restaurant to investing in increased cloud storage capacity for at-home work, technology solutions are increasingly essential to staying in business.
  • Designate a leader for sanitizing your facilities. If there’s no dedicated janitorial manager or similar professional already in charge, slipping up on safety becomes all to easy. Assign authority to a person or team that will stay up to date on official recommendations and sanitizing routines. Ensure the rest of your staff know who to turn to with questions, so that problems can be efficiently resolved.

EnviroPro Solutions offers sanitizing products designed with maximum efficiency and effectiveness in mind. Check out our line of Victory sprayers and sanitizing chemicals to find the solution that’s right for your enterprise.