Space considerations for sanitizing sprayers


Multiple criteria play a role when choosing between sanitizing sprayers. One of the biggest to consider is the size of your space.

Take, for example, trying to sanitize a 75,000-seat stadium with a single handheld sprayer. It’s a non-starter. Alternatively, using an eight-gun, high-pressure, high-capacity system for a 20-table café is equally unrealistic.

To get started, let’s look at the general size categories at play for a sanitizer spray machine.

Space Size Categories for Sanitizing Sprayers

Generally, spaces can be broken down into four size categories for sprayers: small, mid-range, large and extra-large. Below, examples are listed for each size category.

Of course, these examples are generalized. Your specific restaurant, gym, etc., may be much larger or smaller than the average. Always keep the unique specifics of your space in mind when determining how their size relates to choosing a sprayer.

  • Small spaces
    • Individual classrooms
    • Exam rooms
    • Individual apartments
    • Cars and vans
    • School buses
  • Mid-range spaces
    • At-home daycares
    • Restaurants and kitchens
    • Municipal lobbies
    • Hotel lobbies
    • Airplanes
  • Large spaces:
    • Theaters and auditoriums
    • Office suites
    • Cafeterias
    • Gyms
    • Fitness centers
  • Extra-large spaces
    • Industrial warehouses
    • Stadiums
    • Hangars
    • Multiplexes

Best Sprayers for: Small Spaces

If your space is small, then look for a sprayer that’s equally small and portable. You save money with a smaller model. You also avoid storage problems, with the smallest sprayers being easy to store almost anywhere.

Focus your search on handheld and backpack models, such as the Victory electrostatic sprayers or the Graco ProPack 3-in-1.

Best Sprayers for: Mid-Range Spaces

Mid-range spaces include most restaurants, hotel lobbies and large airplanes. This size category varies a lot in its demands. The right solution is often decided by space complexity as well as size.

Here’s an example. Say you have a restaurant with seating for 60 diners, plus a bar and a wait station. Planned pathways between the tables make movement easy. Here, a smaller cart-mounted sprayer makes sense. You get higher volume and fewer refills. Meanwhile, the pathways allow the operator to move the cart easily, with minimal carry weight.

Now consider this. What if that same space is cluttered and lacks clear pathways? For mid-range spaces that are difficult to maneuver, an electrostatic backpack sprayer makes more sense. Their capacity is still over 20,000 square feet so you won’t need to refill often. The operator also gains the maximum freedom of movement.

Best Sprayers for: Large Spaces

While backpack electrostatic sprayer models can sanitize over 20,000 square feet on one fill, they also weigh nearly 30 pounds when full. Large spaces often require more than one fill and quite a bit of walking around. Carrying a full backpack for a long period of time may cause fatigue in the operator.

If your goal is to sanitize a single, large space in one pass, high-pressure airless sprayers are a great solution. They have excellent capacity, and the high pressure means you can reach farther when spraying from a single staging area. Less walking, and less to carry.

Best Sprayers for: Extra Large Spaces

For extra-large, wide-open spaces, the big guns make your job easier. Literally. Look for multi-gun, high-pressure airless sprayers. With them, a team of 4 to 8 operators can cover up to hundreds of thousands of square feet from one staging area.

Alternatively, if your extra-large space is not wide open, consider models recommended for mid-range and large spaces. They’ll give you greater maneuverability as you negotiate obstacles, such as shelving or vehicles.

Other Factors to Consider

Other factors to consider alongside space size include:

  • Space complexity
  • If sanitizing is done all at once or ad hoc
  • The number of operators
  • The training of operators
  • Price

Starting with space size is an excellent way to narrow your options. Then, by considering the other factors at play, you can easily refine your choices down to the ideal solution.

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