UrineTrouble: Why has a good odor and stain remover remained so elusive?

dog made a mess

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Trouble is inevitable. Life gets messy. And nothing sours the mood quite like a foul smell stuck in the carpet.

So many have been frustrated in the past trying to root out an unpleasant stench. Pet urine odor in particular is responsible for an uncountable number of cleaning headaches. But why has a good odor and stain remover remained so elusive?

Masking vs. eliminating odors

It’s a lot harder to eliminate odors than it is to simply mask them. And while a scented product may make your space more tolerable in the short term, it’s just a matter of time before the stink returns. Citrus scents like orange and lemon are particular popular for masking. They smell strong and give us an impression of freshness, but ultimately don’t fix the problem.

To truly stop the smelly assault, it’s essential to use a product that can eliminate the problem instead of just disguising it.

Strong but safe

While your odor and pet stain eraser must address the source of the smell, it also shouldn’t cause any new headaches when you use it. This is another common pitfall of odor eliminators — they address the smell, but they also ruin the rug.

For an odor and stain remover to truly be considered successful, it has to be color-safe and usable across almost any type of surface. Sure, carpet often gets the worst of it, but the cleaner should also be able to handle upholstery, hardwood, tile and more.

Easy to use

The third and final criteria by which urine removers fail is ease of use. Long wait times, complicated application steps, dilution requirements, multiple treatments and fussy tools — any and all of these interfere with solving the problem fast. A truly headache-free solution needs to be able to work anywhere, anytime, in just a few minutes and with no specialized supplies.

An odor and stain remover that checks ALL the boxes

To summarize, we know the perfect urine remover product:

  • Eliminates odors instead of just masking them.
  • Is color safe and safe to use on hard and soft surfaces.
  • Is easy to apply and gets the job done fast.

It’s a tall order to find a product that delivers on all three criteria. But at long last, we finally have a solution that rises to the challenge.

Introducing UrineTrouble by EnviroPro Solutions

UrineTrouble is a peroxide-powered, true odor and stain ELIMINATOR that works on stains and smells from both pets and people.

There’s no dilution to worry about. Simply spray and let stand 2-5 minutes before wiping the product away. It deodorizes and brightens simultaneously, leaving the floor looking even better than it did before the accident.

At EnviroPro Solutions, we’re always thinking about how to make your life cleaner, safer and easier. With UrineTrouble, we’re excited to help you enjoy the spaces you live and work in, as well as the furry friends you share it with, all with full confidence that no accident will get in your way. Now, you’ve got the ultimate solution to all your odor and stain troubles.

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