What to look for in a pet stain eraser

Dog had an accident in the house

Nothing ruins your environment quite like the smelly surprises a pet leaves behind. Besides the stink, there’s the unsightly stains that can seem almost impossible to scrub out at times. It’s frustrating enough to leave some pet owners seriously questioning if their dogs and cats are worth the hassle.

But then they remember all the sweet things their pets do. The companionship. The funny antics. The social media fodder. Of course pets are worth it. But an excellent pet stain eraser is essential to keeping everyone happy.

So, how to choose a pet stain eraser? There are a lot of choices on the market, and it can be bewildering to try and pick just one. So we’ve got three simple factors that separate the winning products from all the rest. Here’s exactly what you should be looking for in a pet stain eraser.

1. Non-toxic, pet- and kid-safe formula

A urine removal spray that works for humans and pets

Honestly, you’d think this would just be automatic. Who would make a pet stain eraser that wasn’t safe for use around pets? But the reality is there are tons of unsafe products on the market. The fine print on the back will tell you to keep pets and children completely out of the room until the product is dry, and sometimes even require rinsing steps afterwards to mitigate risks left behind.

To make your life easier and keep your household safer, always choose a pet stain eraser that is non-toxic as well as pet- and kid-safe.

2. Proven effective and well-tested

Researching pet stain eraser products

You don’t want to be the guinea pig for any brand-new, hot-out-the-lab cleaning chemicals. When you’re using something in your home, it’s best to go with well-proven solutions that have ample data supporting their efficacy and safety.

One such solution is hydrogen peroxide. It’s a natural, readily biodegradable oxidizer that’s been a reliable solution for the foulest of messes for well over a century. In that time, the production process for hydrogen peroxide has been all but perfected, ensuring a consistent, powerful, safe product every single time.

3. Multi-surface and multi-purpose

Use pet stain eraser for cat that doesn't like litterbox.

Finally, you want to look for a product that’s multi-surface and multi-purpose. Our furry friends don’t always choose the same spot to make a mess. One day it might be carpet, the next a sofa or your hardwood floors. A good pet stain eraser should be able to handle all the most common surfaces in the home with the same level of effectiveness and without a lot of caveats or specialty steps.

As for being multi-purpose, choose a pet stain eraser that can handle smells, stains and sanitizing all in one fell swoop. Some products, such as enzyme cleaners, can do a terrific job of eliminating smells, but struggle with certain stubborn stains. Being multi-purpose is another area where hydrogen peroxide truly shines. It breaks apart odor-causing molecules, brightens the spots it’s sprayed on, and effectively sanitizes in the process.

One important caveat to remember with hydrogen peroxide: while it works on nearly any type of surface, the single big exception is marble. Oxidizing agents can etch marble, leaving it looking rough and requiring polishing to return to full shine.

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