Just why does cat pee smell so bad?

Cat thinks litterbox smells bad

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being near cat urine, you’ve probably been forced to ask yourself: Why does cat pee smell SO bad? It’s a question asked all over the world, but the answer can be a bit tricky to nail down.

In this blog we’ll cover a few of the top answers cat urine experts give for the foul smell. And most importantly, we’ll tell you about an easy solution to completely eliminate that smell — fast.

Explanation 1: It’s extra-concentrated

Cats’ kidneys are very good at filtering out as much water as possible before their urine passes through them. Without much water diluting it, the chemicals and compounds that make up cat urine smell a lot more strongly. Some of those compounds, especially urea and uric acid, are famously foul smelling — wherever they occur.

Explanation 2: It’s left to sit indoors

Cats mostly urinate indoors, hopefully in a litter box but sometimes not. As territorial animals, they’ll often use their pee throughout the house as scent marking. The pee smell can then build up over time if the litter box isn’t cleaned daily or if an accident isn’t spotted right away. As we mentioned above, cat urine is already pretty concentrated. Letting it sit causes more evaporation as well as decomposition, ultimately generating ammonia compounds and skunk spray smells.

Explanation 3: Sex and age play a part

On top of what we’ve already mentioned, a male cat can cause even more odor problems than a female cat. Their urine contains additional steroids that add to the stink. Older cats can smell worse too, due to their internal organs working less effectively. When an older male cat pees and the urine is left for a day or two, you’ll often find yourself facing the worst cat pee smell possible.

How to get rid of cat pee smell

dog made a mess

Ultimately, it’s a lot less important WHY something smells bad. The main problem is getting rid of the odor. That’s the final challenge cat urine poses — it’s notoriously hard to eliminate. It’s common for products to use strong smells, such as orange or lemon, to mask any lingering odors after the treatment has been applied. While this can help in the short term, soon enough the masking smell fades and the scent of cat pee is still there.

What you need is a product that fully eliminates the smell, with no need for masking.

Using peroxide for cat pee

A peroxide-powered cleaner is an exceptional solution for getting rid of cat pee smells. As a strong oxidizer, it can completely destroy the worst smelling compounds in urine.

However, many home-remedy peroxide solutions aren’t color safe. When used on upholstery, carpet, curtains or clothing, they may ultimately ruin the fabric.

A truly color-safe, peroxide-powered product can be used anywhere urine smell persists. That means hard and soft surfaces, at home or in a place of business. UrineTrouble is just such a product.

EnviroPro Solutions created UrineTrouble to address the most common cleaning challenges in the world — stubborn stains and smells. UrineTrouble can be used for blood stains, deodorizing public restrooms and yes — even eliminating the dreaded stink of cat urine.

UrineTrouble odor and stain eliminator

If you have been struggling to get rid of the smell of cat urine, visit our store to pick up your own bottle of UrineTrouble. And feel free to contact us with any of your sanitizing and cleaning questions!