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Safety through sanitizing

Fight back against health risks

Emergency and law enforcement personnel have some of the hardest jobs in the world. Long hours, demanding conditions and tight budgets compound to put many departments across the country in a perpetual tight spot.

Despite this, diligent cleaning and sanitization remains essential for the safety of both the professionals and the public. Disinfection cannot be overlooked. Instead, it needs to be easier.

EnviroPro Solution’s sprayers, purifiers and sanitizing chemicals deliver total disinfection wherever you need it. Our technology works faster, goes farther and disinfects more evenly than other solutions. No matter how large or small your station, or the number of vehicles in your fleet, we carry the tools to get it all disinfected and back in service ASAP.

Why EnviroPro products are ideal for protecting fire and police departments:

  • Electrostatic sprayers are designed for exceptional results in complex spaces. Disinfect any emergency vehicle or station facility with exceptional speed and incomparable results.
  • Airless sprayers deliver exceptional range from a single staging area. Sanitize entire garages, large jail spaces and more in minutes flat.
  • Stretch department budgets further when you save on cleaning chemicals. Electrostatic sprayers are 65% more efficient in their chemical usage than their less advanced counterparts.
  • Stop spending valuable hours looking for in-stock cleaning chemical supplies. EnviroPro offers monthly subscriptions that deliver the chemicals you need where and when you need them.

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