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Achieve complete gym and fitness center sanitization without breaking a sweat

Give your customers the safe, sanitized environment they need to reach their fitness goals

Gyms are naturally high-touch spaces with lots of people using the same equipment in quick succession. But the physical design of many pieces of equipment makes it impractical for staff to wipe down every visible surface. That’s why EnviroPro’s lineup of unique electrostatic sprayers are the perfect solution for sanitizing gyms and fitness centers.

Electrostatic sprayers wrap hard, non-porous surfaces in chemical disinfectant, with the chemicals actually bonding directly to the surface. This makes it easy to sanitize oddly shaped equipment quickly and easily without having to touch or wipe surfaces. In fact, sprayers feature a 70% faster application rate and machines can be effectively sanitized in only 3-10 minutes so they’re ready for the next customer faster.

Our portable, lightweight sprayers are easy to use so you can quickly train staff on proper sanitization procedures. These versatile sprayers work with a wide range of chemical solutions, creating more cost-effective options for your business.

Here’s why gym owners love EnviroPro products:

  • Perfect for quickly cleaning equipment, lockers, changing areas, showers and bathrooms.
  • Handheld sprayer sanitizes up to 2,800 ft2 on a single tank, while the backpack sprayer can clean up to 23,000 ft2 on a single fill.
  • Eco-friendly sprayers use 65% less chemical solution compared to similar systems.
  • Cordless design makes sanitizing equipment less intrusive for gym members.

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