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High-quality sanitization solutions to protect patients and staff

Keep patients and their families safe with better sanitization solutions

Hospitals and medical clinics are facing a tremendous challenge as they try to manage a deadly pandemic while budget difficulties bring intense pressure to keep costs down. A cost-effective sanitization system from EnviroPro meets both goals while giving your facilities team flexibility and greater control over chemical applications.

Our lineup of innovative sprayers allows you to disperse hospital-grade disinfectant solutions with precision and control. The patented electrostatic technology binds chemicals to hard, non-porous surfaces, giving you a complete clean that your patients can trust.

Our versatile sprayers work with a wide range of chemical solutions, including ones shown to be effective against the novel coronavirus. The portable sprayers are also lightweight and cordless, making it easy for staff to get in and out of rooms quickly. This helps reduce downtime between patients, allowing you to see more patients in a day and increase revenue.

Why EnviroPro products are perfect for hospitals and medical clinics:

  • Chemicals effectively sanitize surfaces in a matter of minutes so you can clean exam rooms quickly in between patients.
  • Handheld sprayer sanitizes up to 2,800 ft2 on a single tank, while the backpack sprayer can clean up to 23,000 ft2 on a single fill.
  • Unique 3-in-1 nozzles give cleaning staff precise control over where chemicals are applied.
  • Use 65% fewer chemical solutions with a 70% faster application rate.

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Simple, safe sanitization

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    Electrostatic Sprayers

    Victory Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer (VP200ESK)

  • Disinfectants

    64 Millennium Q – 2 Liter

  • Disinfectants

    64 Millennium Q – 1 Gallon

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    Electrostatic Sprayers

    Victory Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer (VP300ES)