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Sprayers of all kinds suffer from the same problem – they clog!

Hard water scale, chemical residue, improper storage – whatever the reason, it’s never a good time when your valuable new sprayer is clogging.

Our specially formulated Nozzle Clear solution breaks up nozzle blockages and provides ongoing protection of your sprayer investment.

  • One 2-liter bottle of Nozzle Clear.
  • Works on all kinds of sprayers, misters and foggers.
  • Removes clogs and prevents them from returning.
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When an organization has made the wise decision to invest in high-quality equipment, they deserve as much mileage as they can get out of their investment. By using Nozzle Clear the life of any electrostatic sprayer, mister, or fogger is extended. Not to mention operators are spared the headache and hassle of troubleshooting clogs.

To learn more about NozzleClear, check out this EnviroPro Solutions blog.

Recommended for:

  • Victory Innovations Handheld sprayer
  • Victory Innovations Backpack sprayer
  • Protexus Handheld sprayer
  • Protexus Backpack sprayer
  • EMist Sprayers
  • Ryobi Sprayers
  • Clorox Sprayers
  • Misters and foggers
  • Pump sprayers


  • Works for a wide variety of sprayers, misters and foggers.
  • Specially formulated to clear and maintain electrostatic sprayers and nozzles.
  • Works on scale and chemical deposits.
  • Extends the life of your nozzle.
  • Can be used as a soak to break up established clogs, or run through machines for everyday care.


  • For an existing clog:
    • Use straight, undiluted.
    • Soak – Submerge nozzle in solution, enough to cover nozzle
    • Let soak overnight.
  • To prevent clogs:
    • Dilute 2 oz per gallon of fresh water.
    • Run solution through sprayer for one minute.
    • Empty tank and store remaining solution.
    • Repeat after every use to prolong the life of your sprayer and nozzle.


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