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Provide guests a safe and sanitized dining experience

Great restaurants have always prioritized cleanliness. But these days, delivering a premium dining experience means you need to go above and beyond for your guests. Wiping down tables is one thing. But EnviroPro Solutions sprayers and chemical solutions help you put guests back in seats quickly and safely with total sanitization technology.

EnviroPro sprayers sanitize surfaces quickly with a 70% faster application rate. Patented electrostatic technology means chemical cleaners actually bond with surfaces to completely sanitize large areas while using 65% fewer chemicals. Sprayers are lightweight, portable and versatile, and chemical solutions sanitize in only 3-10 minutes to create fewer disruptions for guests. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to sanitize your restaurant when closing at night, before opening in the morning or in between lunch and dinner, EnviroPro Solutions has the answer.

A few reasons restaurateurs love EnviroPro products:

  • Quickly sanitize tables, chairs, booths, bar tops and more with no need to wipe or touch surfaces.
  • Our handheld sprayer can sanitize 2,800 ft2 on a single tank of fluid.
  • Use 65% fewer chemicals for a more welcoming restaurant environment.
  • Sprayers are easy to use, so training staff is simple and fast.

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