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Student safety is the top priority

Protect students and teachers with a cost-effective school sanitization solution

To get kids back in the classroom, school administrators need a cost-effective way to sanitize large areas quickly and easy. EnviroPro products allow you to do just that while speeding sanitization time and using fewer chemicals.

Our innovative sprayers use patented electrostatic technology, meaning chemical cleaners bond directly to any hard, non-porous surface. This allows you to quickly clean materials of all shapes and sizes. This technology also means you can use 65% less chemical solution, creating a gentler environment for students and teachers who may be sensitive to harsh chemicals.

With a 70% faster application rate and an effective sanitization time between 3 and 10 minutes, you can sanitize multiple classrooms in the space of a single lunch break. To foster a learning environment that is as welcoming as it is safe, consider the time and cost savings of our electrostatic sprayers and chemical solutions.

Why EnviroPro products are perfect for creating a safe school environment:

  • Quickly sanitize desks, lockers, chairs, tables, bathrooms, locker rooms and classroom materials.
  • Handheld sprayer sanitizes up to 2,800 ft2 on a single tank, while the backpack sprayer can clean up to 23,000 ft2 on a single fill.
  • Cost-effective sanitization is ideal for school districts facing a budget crunch.
  • Versatile sprayers work with a wide range of chemical cleaners.

Using an Electrostatic Sprayer

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